dealsarby's reel big filet sandwich & small fries…


If it included a drink I'd be on board or even if I could sub the fries for a drink but I guess for a dollar more($3.99) one could include a drink, but then for $3.99 one could also get 2 sandwiches with the 2/$3.99 deal they had going on last time I was at Arbys......decisions decisions.


I love arby's but getting fish from arby's just seems wrong


Thanks for taking time to share this deal. I'll share it with my friends.


I tried the fish sandwich a few weeks ago. I wasn't thrilled, so I'm back to their roast beef or Reubens. I think that I actually prefer McDonald's Filet O' Fish.


In my opinion, the best fish - besides fishcandy of course - is the BK big fish. I had the Wendy's cod sandwich last week and it was pretty bad. Ground, flaked, formed fish that didn't really look like it start out as cod.


@fishcandy: Gotta agree with you on this one. BK is definitely the best and they usually have some deals around lent as well. The Arbys wasn't too bad last time I tried it though.