dealsamazon students - get 50% off amazon prime


Well, he DID say 50% off...


@allhighruler It's free for six months. After that, students pay half price for the Prime benefits.


Im not sure how this is a deal. This has been going on for over 2yrs straight.

It used to be 1-year free, then 50% off for up to the next 3 years. Now its 6 months free.


Well, the school year is starting up. So there are probably a bunch of college freshmen who are eligible now but weren't before. It's useful information for them.


yeah, I used to have amazon prime for a year for free, then it expired. Now then my younger brothers are also in college... ideas? lol


So from the descritption you also have the prime benefits of the kindle library and streaming video? Sometimes the discount subscritptions are more bare bones... but will be taking advantage of this if anyone can confirm the kindle/ streaming aspects :-)