deals$20 voucher for threadless shirts for $10.00


Nice! So for 10 bucks, you can finally almost get a shirt on Threadless. What a deal.


The site almost seems hipster in its nature...


I love Threadless! Almost all the t-shirts I own are either from Shirt Woot! or Threadless. I use them to supplement my personality!


then your personality is annoying, congratulations!


@morganss: Well, it finally happened. I've been visiting Woot for several months now and have been amazed at how polite everyone has been. I knew it had to happen at some point - somebody would say something rude - although, I must say your rudeness is only "borderline" rude and it's comical nature softens what could have been a rather nasty comment.


@susan11125: Your over analysis of his comment is worse than anything else on this site. Very boring and doesn't do anything but help us understand you're new to the internet.


Darn! Last time they ran this on groupon (that I saw anyway), you could use it on sale items, so I ended up getting some pretty cheap shirts. I guess $10 (plus shipping) for a shirt isn't bad, but I was a little spoiled last time!