dealskamenstein 16 jar revolving spice rack + refills…


Just wanted to highlight the fine print about the refills. You get "free" refills for 5 years, but you have to pay shipping that mysteriously increases in arbitrary increments at equally arbitrary intervals. "Shipping for first 4 replacement bags of spices $4.40, 5-10 bags $9.25, 11-15 bags $12.00, 16-19 bags $14.00." What happens after 19? I REALLY like paprika, okay?

Surely not a dealbreaker for most of us, but worth mentioning.


@buenocabra: It actually is a deal-breaker for me because I feel swindled by companies that act like this. Thanks for the heads-up about the shipping charges.


@thebrat: Good point. In that case, glad to be of service!


@buenocabra: I didn't read the whole thing, but I'd take it as referring to the bags count in each shipment... I agree, though, the "free refills" thing always seemed shady to me. It's likely cheaper and fresher to reload at a local store. Perhaps some would consider this a good deal for a spice rack that comes preloaded, disregarding the "free" refill system...


@superllama7: That's possible, and it would make a little more sense. Their wording needs some work in either case.

You're right, it's certainly not the best solution for spices, but as a cheap starter (or even for the rack itself), you can do worse. Some comments in previous offerings of this deal have suggested throwing out the spices you don't use or are no good dried, keeping the bottles, and replacing them with your own.


These clowns want a ton of information before they even tell you the shipping for this deal or whether or not they collect taxes.


@superllama7: I agree. Here's the exact wording:

"Shipping for first 4 replacement bags of spices $4.40, 5-10 bags $9.25, 11-15 bags $12.00, 16-19 bags $14.00"

That seems perfectly clear and reasonable to me; the shipping charge is based on the number of refill bags you're ordering, and it's less than $1 per bag...