dealsleft 4 dead 2 for xbox 360 for $19.99


This is only a 2 day sale right?


BLAST!! I just bought this used at Gamestop for $30... to replace my one my roommates lost


Which one is better - this one or the first Left 4 Dead? I want to get one or the other for my hubby for Christmas.


Get him number 2 of course!! ;p


should have bought it for PC when it was $6.50 a month ago.


Left 4 Dead 2 has more weapons, more special infected, and allows you to carry melee weapons, like a katana, baseball bat, etc.

It is the one I play more often, especially since the recent downloadable content which introduces L4D2 to the characters from L4D1.


Plus, they've actually added Mutation mode and some other cool stuff (for free I think..)

Mutation mode is a game mode that they change every there's always somethin new..

I honestly haven't been playing this for like the last six months, but I love this game...especially playing as the zombies - no other game where you can play like that...not only do you getta play as the bad guys, but you getta play as like super-badass monster bad guys...

This game is allll about teamwork though, so if you're a 13yr old virgin with a chip on his shoulder; probably not the game for you..

You need to use a mic too...pretty much a MUST..