dealsdyson dc35 multi floor vacuum for $229.99 + $5.00…


I love our DC35. Great for quick cleanings... Picking up spills, pet food around dishes, litter around the cat boxes, etc. With it being cordless you can take it out to the car to vacuum the seats and floors as well. I've always had enough battery power to tackle what I needed it to do. Don't expect it to completely replace a full-sized vacuum, though, it's not meant for it.


The Dyson bladeless weedwhacker & hedge trimmer combo!


I wrote a review of the DC35 the last time that it was on home.woot. To summarize, I adore this vacuum: it is very easy to use for someone who has difficulty "planting" my right leg to resist against the floor, so pushing a heavy cart or mopping is challenging. We're in the middle of "muddy mud" season and I've been vacuuming hard wood floors nearly every day because the pups are trying to turn the house into a mudpit. It takes me less than five minutes to vac ~600sqft of living space. It's amazingly effective; I hate cleaning, but I actually enjoy the reward of seeing how much it picks up. Last time this was on woot, I learned I could take off the long tube and put the accessories right on the main compartment, functioning as a handheld vac. Awesome!

Warning: if you use the vacuum to remove spiders from your ceiling, they will run around the canister until you put them out of their misery.


They should start a new page called it would free up some room for deals that don't "suck"


is it any good with pet hair, and carpeted stairs?


i bought one of these last time around, and really like it for hardwood floors. Not really strong enough for tackling carpet except for basic crumbs etc. Definitely for the quick pick up job around the house. It's basically a really powerful dirt devil handheld with a nicer design and attachments.


@foggy0: I'd get a Miele for that. Even the cheapest Miele at around $299 has more suction than this Dyson...


I'm really thinking of getting one again. I had purchased one when I first saw it at Costco for $350. The vacuum is strong and the battery life is very reasonable, I used it for 15 minutes straight without any loss of suction power. However my wife didn't like it because of the trigger on mode. I can see how pulling the trigger for 15 minutes can be annoying. But the reason why I want to get it is because I want to use it to suck up bugs. Of course I'm not going to clean out the vacuum because it will be so gross. Oh hell, I'm going to get it.


Only $29 more ($263.99 including shipping) for a brand new one with 2 year warranty on Dyson site. They're having a Mother's Day sale.


It it 240V and will work in Australia?? I bought a Cuisinart Smoothie maker from Amazon - shipped to AUS and it blew up when I plugged it in!! (only 110V)


No Thx, I hava problem paying this much for something that is designed to suck right outta the box. (_)


I bought this model about a month ago, and I love it. I went over my hallway carpet with my full-size Hoover until I thought it was clean. Then, I went over it again with this and it pulled up over 2 full bins full of dog hair, dirt, and other stuff.


@martinpro: Count me among those who purchased one of these last time around and are happy that they did so. I just checked to transformer, and it's 100-240V, 50-60 Hz, so you should be fine.


Well for what it's worth here's my experience from buying it about 5 weeks ago as a refurb from here.
1. it looked in good condition.
2. the Max button was permanently stuck in.
3. Dyson send me a new motor part because they could not unstick the max button.
4. The battery would only intermittently work. I called support back and it is a known issue .. something to do with leaving it on the charger all the time. So they had to send me a new battery.
5. Although arguably I should have, I never contacted woot for a replacement or refund. So this is not on them.
What does all this add up to?
Dysons refurb process is only so-so, in my experience. Their support is great. Alot of trouble .. not worth it in the end.


@goatcrapp: It's great for pet hair. It doesn't do a deep cleaning, but I have a dog who sheds constantly so it looks like tumbleweed gathering in balls and it sucks all that up in an instant. Great in the car, too. Will do the carpet fine but it's not like the major powerful Dysons. I love mine. Am tempted to get another just because.

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@martinpro: Can;t you get a converter to plug it into and then into your outlet? Like you were traveling?

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@snosbig: It will suck up the box, too. Get it. It's expensive but it's the best of this sort of thing I have ever had and I'm old.

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Something else funny on this whilst I think of it.
So as soon as I got it and it was clear that the max button was stuck in, I called support. I got this support lady who was hilarious. When I told her it was a refurb and it was stuck, she told me that I should just work with what I had and see if running it in max mode was good enough for me.
I was a bit shocked and told her at least twice more that I was expecting it to perform to the specifications... but she would not budge. Finally I said, "look, I spent $235 on this and I would like it to work fully". Her response was words to the effect of
- You spent $235 on a refurb!!, wow!!

I put it down to maybe it being her first day or something. Life's too short to be upset about that.

All other support people I spoke to were absolutely amazing. I called back the next day and go the max thing squared away. (except I guess that the motor part was back-ordered and they did not tell me so I was without the part for ~3 weeks).


I bought $125 DC31 a month or two ago.. is this DC35 really $100 better??


Seriously? I will pay this price over on Woot for the full sized version.


@martinpro: sellout.woot does not ship to AUS. We only ship to the Lower 48.

All told.


Bought one the last time it was on sale. Stopped working after two days. Dyson replaced the motor but they were not sure if it would fix the problem. After receiving the replacement motor, still didn'at work. Now waiting on new charger. With all the replacements, I will have a new machine.


@rexx wrote: "I bought $125 DC31 a month or two ago.. is this DC35 really $100 better??"

I have a DC-31 and I think it is. I would have bought the DC-35 instead if it was available when I bought mine.

For the $100 you're getting a better battery, the extension tube and motorized brush and the whole thing can hang on the wall while charging which the DC-31 can't do.

IMO, it's worth it alone to reach the floor without bending over.

The better Li battery that you get with the DC-35 lasts twice as long and recharges 3 times faster than the battery that comes with the DC-31. It sells for $45-60 and is interchangeable with the DC-31 and it's charger and is a worthwhile addition to the DC-31 to have a spare battery in the charger ready to go.

You can also mod the DC-31 to take standard Kirby-Hoover parts with the cardboard tube in the center of a roll of aluminum foil and, sells aftermarket power brushes for $15.

vote-for2vote-against has the "Animal" version of the DC35 on sale for #303.99 (20% off for Mother's Day) through May 13, 2012 ( It's the same as the "Multi Floor" version except:

(1) Different color (purple instead of blue)
(2) You get an additional "mini motorized brush bar" () which "removes more pet hair and dirt from carpets and upholstery in the home and car".




I'm really tempted by this, I have an old hand-held vac that doesn't "suck" anymore or hold a charge. I have one of the compact Dysons I got on woot as one of my first purchases, and it has been awesome for cleaning my apartment. Now I feel like this could replace my little hand-held, but also be much more versatile for cleaning the car, couches, etc. Price tag is still a bit too steep, and I also realize they are having non-refurbs on sale so it is tempting..

Can anyone tell me what is the difference between this and the Animal model cited above? It seems like this one also comes with the mini brush. The Dyson website itself doesn't even show the Animal version, might be discontinued???


@turtlegir1: I also noticed that the animal isnt listed on dyson website either. The Anmial comes with the small turbine tool while the all floors doesnt ... I believe thats the only diffrence...


@goatcrapp: I have two terriers who don't "shed" much except for the winter->summer coat transition. I can't believe how much dog hair is in the canister after I vacuum: I can't see the hair on the sofa or the floor, but apparently it's there! I've used this once (as a handheld with the beater-bar) to vacuum the stairs to my basement, which are very narrow (8"?) plywood stairs covered by industrial carpeting, no padding. It did a great job on the horizontal part, but the beater-bar was too wide for the vertical portion of my very-old stairs. I suspect the hard brush is narrow enough, but it was 3AM and I was cleaning the stairs to the basement to avoid grading, so I wasn't sufficiently motivated to see if it worked. :)

@turtlegir1: Actually, the "Animal" version of the DC35 is brand-new. The mini-turbine tool is available for purchase separately at The Parent Corp for $55.99, but the reviews are underwhelming.


@terrencegf: So they only released the Animal in the UK right now? grumble

In the end, I decided to get the new version from Dyson because of the 20% sale. Sorry woot, but I still love you. For ~$30 more, I'll take the non-refurb and longer warranty (2 year vs. 6 months).


@turtlegir1: I bought the Animal version from Amazon (US). Linky is in my first post above. I was originally going to get the Multi Floors version direct from Dyson (like you did), but the sales tax ($26 for IL) made me rethink my decision. For just a little more, I got free 2-day shipping from Amazon plus the extra mini brush bar.

And I just got notification that the new vacuum will arrive tomorrow, so it's actually 1-day shipping. Thank you Amazon Prime!


@scherrm: Hi, would you please let me know where can I buy the dc35 for $263 including shipping, Tx

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