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These drives carry 2 year warranties. Not as good as they used to be when they were 5 but, still better than the 1 years that Seagate sells now.


5 years?! Who could find a receipt from 5 years ago? I'm lucky if I have the same wife after 5 years...

On a side note, I would certainly hope and assume we'll all be running 2TB SSDs by that time.


@firebirdude: You normally don't even need a receipt. I replaced a Western Digital drive this year without one.


I was looking for a new harddrive for my husband a few weeks ago. I found that the average price of a 1TB HD with similar specs ran about 99 dollars, so this is a steal for me. Thanks!


Right, HD manufacturers track the serial numbers of every drive that's been made. They either consider the warranty as starting on the day of shipment, or will update if you have the receipt.

Here's WD's utility to check how much warranty you have left:

** the spec sheet for Caviar Green drives lists rotational Speed as "Intellipower" (really), but I think we can assume that a "green" drive will average and probably max out at 5900RPM. Intellipower seems to be logic that allows the drive to dynamically adjust speed and therefore power draw.


@engwadur: This is a 5400 RPM drive. I found these to be slow and laggy compared to a western digital black which is 7200 RPM. These will be quieter but much slower. Use this only for general data storage.


@bane3d I agree, I tried doing some very simple audio editing from one of these drives and I kept getting a drive speed error. I added a Black Caviar and it works perfectly for editing, then once I'm done with the project I dump it over to the Green.


Just so people know. Most external hard drive enclosures do not come with a fan. 5400 RPM drives are used in these enclosures because they generate less heat and are less likely to break from the trapped heat. If you are looking for a general purpose occassional usage drive, this one will work and is safe in fanless enclosures. If you are expecting some performance (aka more than just a slow system backup device), look else where.


@firebirdude: I buy nearly everything computer related online. I save every email. Receipts are easy to find.

I still have receipts from 10 years ago saved in my email (I'm a hoarder like that)

@cobracat03: As far as I can recall, these drives never offered a 5 year warranty. I know the Caviar Blacks did, but the Blues and Greens only had a 3 year warranty. That's still better than a 2 year though : /


.....I was joking more than anything else...


@firebirdude: Dude, you're getting eaten alive today...


Seeing this low HD price is pretty shocking.

I remember reading an article explaining that HD prices wouldn't fall (because of the long-lasting effects of the Thailand flood) back to pre-flood levels until the end of the year.

I also remember reading that Seagate's factory, which was built at a higher elevation than the others, was left mostly unscathed from the flooding. WD and Toshiba were the companies directly affected, while everyone else was subject to supply-and-demand forces.

Perhaps this is a sign of a quicker turnaround?

Thanks for posting, OP.


@curtisuxor: My pleasure. My server has been in dire need of these for about 6 months. Just wish I could still get the original Samsung HD204UI's that I built it with for the $79.99 I bought them for back then .