dealsuncharted greatest hits dual pack (ps3) for $17.99


For me, the link shows it at $23.99 + $3.99 Shipping. Not prime eligible.

If you click the "more buying options" you can select the correct $17.99 Prime eligible option!


I love this series. I hope they come out with a PS4 version.


@djpimpstick: This is weird. I had to link through that page to get to this one:

This has the $17.99 Prime eligible price. Hope this helps.

Edit: deals.woot is redirecting when you click out. Copy and past the above link to get to the $17.99 deal. It's currently showing shipping as 2-4 weeks, fyi.


One of the few games that make me want a PS3! Maybe I'll get one for cheap once it's 'last generation.'


Sweet, I'm going to pick this up. You can get part 3 for free off the PSN if you have Playstation Plus too, so all three games for under $20 is pretty good.