dealscallaway x-series jaws cc slate wedge golf club…


Why the hate? This is a good deal.


@cloudyview: I asked the same, then clicked the link. It initially takes you to an email signup prompt for Divot. I think some may have been displeased by the slight bit of subterfuge.


There is a "no thanks" button when the site prompts you to sign up for their emailing list, if you click that it takes you to the deal, not a golfer myself but seems like a decent enough deal.


@mikeymet: Info like that is priceless when people are downvoting something in to the ground without comment.

@danlab825: Ditto. It still sucks it is there, but I agree, "no thanks" and move on.

Its not an insane deal, but still decent and on a quality club to boot.


@mikeymet: I did not get taken to an email signup page. I've wanted these clubs for a while now - 50% off retail is a terrific deal.


Plus it seems that there is a group that always needs to find one sponsored deal to down vote. it is rare that all the sponsored deals get upvotes.


I've bought a driver from them a few months ago. No issues with the club or shipping; however, good luck to you if you need to contact them. I couldn't remember my login info, and two separate attempts to contact them via email failed - just got the automated reply, but no actual response.


Several people have mentioned these clubs to me recently. I'm not an avid golfer but I play some. Supposedly these are illegal for tournament play. I've heard some conflicting stories but not being a professional golfer I don't really care.
They also put a pretty good scuff on the ball.
I'm in anyway, this looks like a good deal.



Bottom deal always gets downvoted.. It's the thing to do! Kinda like the twist..