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*Shipping and handling costs still apply, which is typically $10 to $15

Just an FYI


I saw this promo earlier and figured a free pair is worth at least twice that much...but then they didn't have the free lenses in my prescription, so it was going to cost MUCH more than I expected. I'm waiting for my first pair from a different online company, in my prescription and with the lens coatings, with shipping and with clip-on sunglasses, for less than the "free" lenses alone would cost here.

With due respect...FAIL!


@umpopa: I only paid 4.95 for my pair... lenses, frames, and all coatings included. Good deal for me. What was the site you used?


I had gotten a promo got up to $100 for a free pair of glasses from another site. I ordered I think Kenneth Cole's which were about $89. My the time I was done with adding Scratch and UV prevention plus shipping. They cost me about $60 out of pocket. The pair I got went back because they were over sized, The pair I have now bent taking it out of the case. IMO Shop some place that is local I would not recommend this place. Also CS is nice but long wait to speak to someone.


I think what kinda ticks me off the most about this deal is that it's the same one that's available on the website anyway. We just get a different code to use, vs the code that's already on the website. Not impressed - if you're going to sponsor a deal on here, and claim that there's a special code for us to use, it shouldn't be the same deal that's widely advertised on the website already.


I've ordered several pair of glasses from different Zenni, Goggles4U and Coastal Contacts. Coastal's glasses are the highest quality of the three.


Well, I was skeptical of anything free, but (aside from the shipping), all seems to be in order. we'll see if anything of value actually comes in the mail...


@silverjackal: it was The progressive bifocals I need were about $50 less there than at Coastal. I hope they'll be OK when I get 'em.


Figured I would investigate and like @umpopa my Rx would cost more because of the lenses, and I don't have an outrageously unusual Rx, although I can't drive without vision correction. However, they also did not have the PD that I need (although i only looked at 2 pairs of frames and I do have an unusually small PD.. and a small face in general so that was expected).

I feel like Zenni Optical is a better choice - I haven't personally gotten glasses from there; however, both of my parents have had great luck with Zenni and they require bifocals.


@kimcee: You just reminded me: from what I read online while researching these eyeglasses deals before ordering, the PD is best measured for each eye separately and the glasses made for those separate numbers. Coastal asked me to add the two PD numbers together. My research suggested the added-together PD is not as good as separate PD's for each eye.


@umpopa: Good news: I'm wearing a pair of progressive bifocals from EyeBuyDirect, and they're wonderful. Other progressive lens wearers I've talked to agree that they're basically comparable to the expensive optical shop as long as you have an accurate PD and prescription. Definitely better quality than the ones I got from Zenni Optical.


Unless you have your correct PD measurement from your Eye Doctor, you run the risk over wearing glasses that will effect your eyesite. If you have an astigmatism, you should stay away from any mail order glasses. If the cyl, sph or axis are incorrect, you are just asking for trouble.


I ordered a pair of Glasses from Coastal when they had the first pair free promo. I paid a little extra to get the thinner lenses and coatings. Thankfully I my eye doctor gave me everything I needed including PD. Since receiving them they have become my favorite pair of glasses and receive a lot of complements.

The quality of the lenses are great! I have astigmatism in both of my eyes and only recently started to where glasses. So I was pleased to find that the prescription was spot on. Compared to the glasses I ordered from the local store, I notice no difference in quality of the lenses. The only thing I do notice is the frames from the local store had been fitted to my face/head. While the ones from coastal contacts needed to be adjusted.


@umpopa: I'm on my second pair of progressive bifocals from eyebuydirect, and they're fine.


ordered from them once.
ray ban rimless frames.
looked and felt cheap and lenses were flimsy.

use this as your backup pair of glasses.
that's all it's good for.

ps. don't order rimless frames.


@kingu: Do you monitor that website to keep abreast of what their current deals are?

It seems to me that your argument would apply to 95% or more of the deals here: all you have to do is go to to the website directly to find the deal.


just ordered my pair. do not mind paying 9.95 shipping since they r taking 98.00 off for the frames! a style i have always wanted too!


I've been buying my glasses online now for several years using Zenni and Goggle4u as well. I typically wear contacts, and usually when insurance is exhausted its only on a few boxes of contacts, and I prefer because I see more clearly.

I actually bought 1 pair from Zenni 2 weeks ago and a pair from Goggles4U 2 weeks ago, I received the zenni pari and I'm always pleased with them.

I just ordered a pair from coastal and paid just the 9.95 shipping.

I'm usually pleased with online ordering, I don't like to spend too much on glasses if I only wear them at night in my house, but now since these sites are adding a ton of new style I'm buying for fashion but with my prescription.

I mean it was a $78 pair i bought for $9.95 so lets hope for the best!


@kingu: Thanks for your feedback. We advertise in this manner to insure that as many people are aware that they can receive there first pair free as possible. We recommend that you contact customer service at 1866-333-6888 or email us for assistance or questions.


I have ordered 5 pr. of glasses now, Coastal will be 6.All of the glasses I have ordered from various sites have been great! They are all way cheaper than buying in town! In fact I will never buy in town again. I keep trying to get friends and family to order on line, but I guess they'd rather pay more!!