dealsvivitar 5.1mp camcorder with 1.8" screen for $9.99


Not bad. Might get one for one of my boys. They are young, so if they break it, $10 isn't much of a loss!


Be sure to read the reviews! Even at this price it sounds like throwing your money away.


@gionot: I saw those too, but still, I think it's worth the 10 bucks. Plus I think it was 3 bad reviews from 2010


These are the common "generic" model, which come in a variety of colours and random "brand names" decaled onto them. They are usually sold in Family Dollar/Dollar Stores for about $15-$25 depending on the model, but I had 2 different ones, both have a display screen that can be scratched by a blanket, the video quality is of that of a Windows98 Gateway computer with webcam built into giant monitor, and sometimes "forgets" there's an SD card inside, and you have to power cycle it a few times for it to see it again. Seriously, even for kids, not worth having for free.


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