dealsiron man 2 (blu-ray, dvd & digital copy) for $4.99


No...No it wasn't. The Blu-Ray version only was $4, as I bought it on Black Friday


Stock up; shipping is only $1.99 for multiple items!


It's on Netflix streaming, as well.


Why do I feel like the listed "List Price" should not be only $5.99 on this item? I'm in for one, but it still seems slightly suspicious to me, probably because I am nowhere near any of their stores, nor have I ever heard of them other than on Woot!.


@lightsabr2: Not anymore. It actually went off of it today.


@swader: you're correct. My mistake. I only care about th BR so that's all I pay attention to.



Family Video is a video rental business, much like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video were.
There prominent in the mid-west and have taken away the market-share when Blockbuster/Hollywood closed mainly because there still people who don't use Redbox, and streaming services, There's nothing to be scared of from this company,

That said, none of there rental locations have new movies, or at least a large selection of movies for sale; they do sell a lot of there older formal rentals though.