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These are GREAT! I know they sound cheesy, and maybe everyone won't enjoy them, but I LOVE mine! They really help in cleaning the inside of my car windshield and rear window. I do use a cleaner with them (most of the time "Invisible Glass"). This is a really great price.


@hot72chev: I agree. They reach down into that hard-to-reach region near the dash, which is the main reason I bought some. They really do need some kind of glass cleaner to get off anything beyond condensation, but they are handy dandy!


Thank you.

in for 1.

My mother is old enough, and it should make it easier for her to clean the glass in the car (which she is doing awkwardly quite often )


One of the best working "made for tv" items ever. I paid 10 bucks for one and it was worth every penny in time saved.
They really do work great with just water and also make cleaning indoor window and tall mirrors easier.


Thanks for the thumbs up everyone - I've seen this and thought is was another gimmick - In for one. I have a Firebird that has a very difficult windshield to clean.


again. you can get this for a DOLLAR at the DOLLAR STORE


wish you had posted sooner! still $6 won't break the bank.