dealstoffee almond pretzel corn for $4.99 + freeā€¦


How much "popcorn" is involved here? There's a picture but no specs.


Zoomed in on the photo. Container shows 7.6 ounces on the label.


very small size for that money, i'll pass:) now i want some sweets...


@cata32: Actually, compared to what they sell the regular size for this is a deal.
They don't have this exact flavor available yet.
But the same mix w/ chocolate on it is 19.99 / 20oz
Same mix without almonds is 19.99/16oz.

so 4.99/7.6 oz is good for them and consider the free ship. The regular flavors you pay ship.

Are their prices high compared to something like crackerjacks or other type brand at the grocery ? Sure. But I bet it's tastier too. I guess I'll find out !

I ordered 2. One for me. One for a friend -- will make a nice little hostess gift or cheer up surprise.