dealsirruption red sink & waterfall faucet for $238.00


ooooh pretty!!

why are faucets so darn expensive?


It looks like it wastes water


for price comparison from Mfg:

@grsgrass how would one tell from a picture?


My wife and I are in the process of buying a new home, so I just bought one of these as a gift for her. The woot! price was the lowest I could find, since it includes shipping.

Suddenly, I'm wondering if I should have bought two.

Thanks wooters. :)


that just looks stupid, trying to hard to be modern and elegant. i prefer a kohler one any day


Perfect for that Area 51 themed bathroom youve been working on!


I'm sorry.. this is so cool and an awesome deal. Two thumbs up!!!


@grsgras - You are right it does waste water. And to the responder that asked "how can you tell", the answer is, "it's easy." In a traditional faucet, there is a direct line to the water source. What this means is that, when I turn the water on or off, it happens relatively instantly. What I mean by this is when I am done washing my hands, I turn off the faucet, and (near) instantly the water stops. This is efficient with little waste. On this faucet, there is that red platter that the water pools on before spilling over, creating the unique effect that this style faucets are known for. This mean that when I am done washing hands, and turn off the faucet, the water occupying that saucer needs to drain out, and goes unused.


@bigwig666: If you are going to take this absurd argument to its logical next step: THIS faucet gives you a fraction of a second, once you turn it on, to get your hands under the flow to wash, whereas a traditional faucet will "instantly" throw water down the drain before you can put your hands under. I'd call it a wash (pun intended.)


@grsgrass: Wastes water? So what! It looks cool ...


arguing about wasting a fraction of a gallon of water is ridiculous. How often do you wash your hands in the bathroom that would contain this faucet that this would be a concern? If you put this into a "kids" bathroom you are a moron. You wouldn't buy this if you were OCD the unused saucer water would drive you nuts. This should go into an adult bathroom where I am assuming you will use it 8 times a day tops! OH NO YOU JUST WASTED A QUARTER OF A CUP OF WATER! The Pacific will be dry in 8 months. I love people, they will worry about everything that doesn't matter and neglect the most important things.


@tcayer: I agree with the observation that the fact that the water flow doesn't come on and off immediately won't make much of a difference. It is probably not that efficient though because the faucet does not have an aerator.

There is no way that this waterfall style of faucet would be effective with an aerator. The aerator mixes air with the water flow to keep the spray pattern effective, but reduces water consumption by half typically. There is no flow rate mentioned, but often I see faucets without aerators rated at 7GPM, but with an aerator it is 3.5-4GPM.

So, the faucet will probably use almost twice as much water as a typical faucet will when its on, and it will stay on for approximately 14 milliseconds longer than needed as well!



keep in mind that those people who complain about wasting water,.. never wash their hands anyway, and the world is mostly water, plus out planet naturally reuses and recycles all out water. global warming is a myth. if we run out of water, aliens will come save us, who cares if you waste a fraction of a liter each time you "wash your hands" get a better toilet with a lower GPF ratio. there you just evened out.


Did anyone buy this that can comment on the size of the bowl. It looks small in the picture relative to the water stream and faucet size.


I just received mine in the mail today. It's a really nice looking sink.

The one thing I found surprising was the size and height of the faucet portion. As for the bowl, the website lists the dimensions as 5.5'' H x 17'' W x 17'' D.

I bought it thinking we'd put it in a guest bathroom, but my wife likes it so much she asked me to order a second so we can use them in ours.

Also, you guys who are bickering over water consumption and the other nit-picky points; who cares? It's a sink and it looks nice. It's not like the water doesn't make its way back to the treatment plant and ultimately back to a house anyway.

It's not like I'm leaving my garden hose on for hours at a time.

Come on dorks. Knock it off, will ya'? laughs