dealspress-a-patty hamburger press for $5.00 + free…


Is making a ball of meat into a patty of meat really so complicated and time consuming. Even one-handed Pete, the most handicapable quick-order cook this side of the Mississippi does not need this product.

Purchasing this product is akin to saying "Yes, I admit that I cannot even make my own burger patties by hand. Life has defeated me. After I grill and eat this hamburger, I am going to go drown myself in an inch of water."


@adamady: Wow, settle down Beavis. These aren't bad if your cooking for a large amount of people or if you want to make a bunch of burgers that don't come out different ie medium rare, medium well.


@adamady: I'm with you on this one. I've cooked many burgers in my day. I've had no issue cooking them for large (10-15 people) groups nor has there been any issue with the level of doneness. This is just another middleman, single use item. One more thing to wash. Meh... Now if you were pressing them for skeet shooting, that would be something else!


Is this Mac compat.... oh wait...

Can I make Crabby-Patties with this?


@bneal123: I don't know what world you live in where it's that hard to make burgers but I rarely, if ever, grill less than 16 burgers at a time (I like to make a whole package of beef at once, or else I tend to forget it in the fridge) and they all come out pretty much perfect and alike.


I just use old jar lids - layer with cellophane and nice individually wrapped patty comes out


I love when the rednecks come on to complain about stuff that they wouldn't use, so others SHOULDN'T use them either. And they're retards if they do.

They say make it by hand, but still buy prefabricated foodstuffs and homes. Losers if they don't make everything by hand. Well according to their definition.

My mother used to have something similar to this one, but in Tupperware (stackable so you could freeze them in the container you made them in.) For making a bunch of burgers to fry up, or grill, they were awesome. Just throw your balls of pre-weighed meatballs in them and press. It's not hard to make them by hand, but it a hell of a lot easier to use this. Not that I would buy it, especially since it is linked to an eBay auction. WTF?