deals12,000,000 volt pink stun gun built-in charger…


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I call absolute BS on the "12 million volts" claim. It's been a while, but I seem to recall the dielectric strength of air is around 3 million volts per meter of air gap, so 12 million volts could potentially arc across up to FOUR METERS of open air. I think not.

I guess this is the personal safety industry's answer to the completely fake "6.5 horsepower" Shop-Vacs, "1000 Watt" bookshelf stereos, etc?

Just call it 50,000 volts (or maybe up to 100,000 if really generous) and be done with it. The main point is, it's going to make a loud and threatening spark, and it's really going to hurt if you use it on an attacker, and probably stun and disorient them for a bit, but without enough current to be anywhere near fatal unless the person has a delicate medical condition. As it should be. There's no need to just make up larger and larger fake numbers to try to make your products sound more impressive. It ends up having the opposite effect.


Enough power to get you sued, anyway!