dealsauntie annes pretzel coupon for $1.00


I don't think you mean "$1 coupon for $1", that would be ridiculous.


I disagree. A $1 coupon for $1 would be pointless. A $1 coupon for $2 would be ridiculous.


This requires you to submit your name, email address, and zip code, so those of you who are afraid of doing so beware. Otherwise, great deal! I love the cinnamon sugar pretzels, even though they're probably really unhealthy.

If you love these, I found that they sell a (rather expensive) box of dough at the grocery store that lets you make your own. It's kind of a tough process, but they taste the same as store bought pretzels and you can add your own toppings if you want.

What about a pizza stuffed pretzel? Wouldn't that be delicious?


For anyone who doesn't want to submit their email, 10-minute email is a great (and free) tool :)


They apparently don't validate e-mails - any "" will do. Your name does appear on the coupon, though - CHOOSE WISELY!


Printed coupon but still mad at them with some crude they pulled on free pretzel day. basically the people at out local one are total jerks


$1 coupon is also quite good


Never actually had Auntie Anne's even though they have had a location in my city for close to ten years. Are the pretzels good?


Tasty Pretzels. Good deal for a buck. Plus my printer also makes copies ;-)


I had a pretzel dog there because it was the place with the shortest line at a rest stop on the NJ Turnpike. It was the best hot dog I ever had.


After I enter my info I get this


I'm filling out the required info. Anyone else having this trouble?


@nmchapma: I am getting that as well. Does anyone know what to do? Did it expire?