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@geode: I am just waiting to see how long this one lasts.


@hobbit: its already lasted longer than mine. Perhaps someone has a vendetta against me? That would be pretty cool, I've never had a nemesis before...


I'm not hip to all the happenings I don't really understanding the voting/deleting process.....however, I did buy several of these gift certificates at Christmastime. There are constantly codes all over the net for 80% off (so a $25 gift certificate that normally costs $10 goes for $2, or you can get one a month for a year for $24). I bought them for a few friends . . . when $24 gets you a year's worth of $25 gift certificates, you can't go wrong. When they use it one time it's paid for itself....and my friends have used the first couple so far and been very pleased. They do, however, flood your email inbox with a new 70% off or 80% off discount every other day. I just bought several extra at 80% off and I'm holding onto them for when a birthday or holiday comes up and I need a gift. So long story short, I don't think these are a bad deal exactly . . .


Looks like this might go popular. As long as I don't post it, haha. Anyways, I'm voting this up because it IS a good deal. If I don't get the credit, that's fine. As long as people see the deal, that's the good part.

DON'T Delete this as duplicate, i won't repost it.