deals2 pack tide 100 oz (various types) for $21.54


@mucci2k: look at the amount of loads each bottle delivers.


Not being a dick, but why would anyone pick tide over something like ajax or purex as it's usually $1 on sale?


I have a kid with allergies - I know I can use Tide without breaking her out in hives. Some of those cheap soaps MIGHT work, but it's just a couple bucks - not worth having to give her benadryl and rewash all the laundry.


These give 48 loads. So unless you're a Tide fanatic NOT a deal! I love Gain and you can pick it up pretty much any day for 13-15 bucks for 112 loads and it's already compatible with HE washer machines.


Alot less stores have tide and gain for $6.99 a gallon.

For me, the cheaper brands don't work as well and you use more in the long run.