dealsrefurbished: seagate 3.5" db35 7200.2 80gb 7200…


Looks more like a $15 Simpsons DVD with a free refurbished 80GB IDE hard drive...


They could pay ME $15 to take one of these. 80 GB won't even back up my photos or music collection. 2 connected in a 2-drive bay is half the size of my laptop's drive. What am I supposed to do with an 80 GB drive?


This is the funniest combo I've seen so far. WOOOOT NEWEGG!


@tcayer: This isn't really good as a backup drive, but it's fine for other uses.

I have 6 PC's in my home, and only two are desktop PC's with a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. One runs my phones, and one runs my file/web/email server. One is an HTPC.

I think my HTPC only has 80GB, because the recorded shows are on a physically separate drive.


Dr. Frankenstein ran his entire monster on a hard drive HALF this size... and YES, it was IDE.


@rrussell: lol yeah that is a pretty funny duo..

Newegg sales meeting, Guy 1: "...Nobody wants those old hard drives, they're just not very big.. and the sales on those old Simpson's videos have kind of slowed down since 1996 ended"

Guy 2: "I've got! We're going to turn the market on it's head! Here's the plan: we take these two random things - with absolutely nothing in common - that nobody seems to want... and COMBINE them! The public won't be able to get enough"

Guy 1:


With that said, seems like a pretty good deal if you need a little extra space and have some room in your case :D