dealsrosewill rk-9000 mechanical keyboard with cherry…


This is a great deal for someone wanting to get their feet wet into the world of mechanical keyboards, just do a little research into the different switches available-blue, brown, black and red are the most common, each perform differently. If this were the brown switches I'd be all over it for my needs.

The blues are tactile and clicky, you'll feel the key engage and you'll hear an audible click when it does. The browns have the tactile feel but don't have the click. Blacks have no click or tactile feel and are stiffer, many gamers prefer these. The reds are like the blacks but are not as stiff. The differences actually go deeper than these simple explanations but this is a good starting point if you have an interest in them.


For those curious, here is a Guide to Mechanical Keyboards. I'm in for one as I've had my eye on a MX Blue for work. I use a Happy Hacking Keyboard Pro II at home, which uses Topre switches. I originally wanted a Das Keyboard, which you can also get with different switches, but for $55 after shipping, I chose this board. Amazon has this for around $75, and Newegg is at $85 when I checked.

I have several other Rosewill accessories, including a power supply and a USB hub, and have purchased a few of their PC cases in the past. I've not had a problem with any of them, and the cases are well-built. I get the impression their customer service is good, but I'd look at reviews on Newegg or Amazon if you want to form your own opinion.