dealstorchlight - buy and download on for $5.08


Thanks! I've been waiting for this to go back on sale for this price. I created an account with GamersGate (after a bit of due diligence to confirm they were a legit and reputable site), paid with a credit card via PayPal, downloaded the game at a reasonable speed, installed, entered the serial number to activate, and launched the game.

Good stuff.


Decent game, especially for that price. Kind of a steampunk version of Fate.


Does this work for Xbox or just PC?
I've been tempted by this game.


Does anyone know if you can use the serial to activate on steam?


I believe I saw on the forums that they had steam activation working for Torchlight back in May 2010. However, I am unaware if this varies by distributor or if once they have it working it works regardless of purchase source. I bought a copy long before I could activate it so I purchased a Steam copy as well...and about the only other helpful thing I can say is that if I plug in my registration key now it does try to take it but says I have already activated it (which I am sure it b/c I already have a copy of Torchlight on Steam).

tl;dr - You can most likely activate it on Steam.


You can't activate this on steam.

I just tried.

Oh well.


Ack! I just bought this full price four days ago! Boooo! Oh well, back to playing Torchlight, then :)