dealssave $5 per movie ticket courtesy of fandango and…


So.... I see plenty of KFC/Fandango cross-marketing, but fail to see this deal. Maybe you linked the wrong offer? Just pulls up gift card information.

EDIT: Here's the correct link guys.


Holy cow. That's weird. If you click on the link, it redirects you to the gift card deal. Copy and paste and it works correctly. No code required, but it doesn't work at some theaters near me for some reason. Does for others. Remember, must be 3D or IMAX movie. Expires 6/17.


@firebirdude: Thanks for providing the text link and clarifying that it needs to be copy-and-pasted. Not quite sure what's going on with that link. It's behaving rather strangely.


That link didn't work for me.

I found this one thru Google:


Wierd...directed me to Fathers day page...sooo Just try googling "Fandango KFC promo" You should get there through the Google link.


@number019: read the thread, you must copy and paste the link into your browser for it to work, nobody knows why


Looks like the discount is ONLY for IMAX or 3D tickets - it's a good deal, but the title is a little misleading.


@number019: Could have swore I said that...

@ripwave: and that...


@ripwave: You're right. My apologies. I was trying different variations of a title that included this info but that didn't mislead someone into thinking it was only for "IMAX 3D movies". I finally settled on including this information in the description. I also up-voted firebirdude's comment because it also mentions this and clarifies a problem with the link needing to be copied and pasted (that I didn't discover until it was pointed out).


@firebirdude: I said I tried to copy and paste into my browser, It didn't work for me.
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@number019: Funny. For the record though, your original post never said anything about copy and paste. It just said the link didn't work.


I copy and pasted the link and had it work yesterday, but today no dice. Anyone have an update? Where it can be found now?


I'm thinking Fandango may have eliminated it? Hopefully it is just hiding somewhere.


It's BACK! As usual, you have to copy and paste the link.

It's also important to know that you can't just copy the link URL from the link itself. This will include the deals.woot redirect part which won't work. You have to highlight the text of the link and copy it, NOT simply right-click on the link to get it that way. Here is the link again for reference: