dealszyxel nsa221 2-bay network attached storage and…


Yes this is a duplicate from a 28 day old post with 0 votes I feel this needs a second shoot. I just got mine in the mail and so far I love it I feel like this needs a second shoot to be voted on.
Here is original deal:


@cengland0: Awesome it must have just gone on sale I had to buy mine from Buy because Amazon had it for $110.

Thanks and Sorry I should have looked before.


I've been looking for a good NAS. It needs to be gigabit network, have 4 drive bays, support Raid 5, and use 3 TB drives. There are some out there but they are extremely expensive.



I don't need the 3TB drive support but otherwise I'm looking for the same animal, though I'd add DLNA 1.5 support as soemthing nice to have.

If you find one, please mention it somewhere on deals.woot, hopefully in a place that makes sense so I see it. :)

I'm tempted to go for this, even though I'll only get RAID1 out of it as I'm about to hit the 80% full point on my current storage.