dealsdescent: journeys in the dark second edition…


Bought this yesterday (Amazon/FedEx says it's "out for delivery" for today).

This is an awesome price. Amazon lists the "retail" price as $80. It can be had for $50 without too much effort. $35.54 is a "BUY IT NOW before it disappears" price (which is why I did).


At first I thought this was an updated version of that Descent FPS from 1994.

Remember that game? It came out right after Doom, and the big deal was that you could look in all directions (left, right, up, and down), unlike Doom at that time.

If they re-did Descent a la Doom 3, I would play the heck out of that.


In for one based off of whitewind's comments. Reading some reviews, seems like a lot of fun. Thanks guys!


My kids (3 older boys) and I played the first one quite a bit. Only trouble was that the games could get a bit long. Looks like this one tried to streamline it a bit. So, in for one. Thanks for the post!