dealsati mosin nagant monte carlo stock for $63.74


Probably the cheapest gun in history. You can get the entire gun from surplus for about $80.


And the best Gun in Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater


I need to get a couple more of these things.. I'd actually just like to find a place that sells complete barreled receivers. Next one I get I'm hackin' up, and I'd much prefer to do it to an already FUBAR stock.

They had m44's on sale at Centerfire Systems WITH the Monte Carlo stock already installed for like $149 awhile back.
...needless to say they sold out damn near instantly.


@drchops: Talk to the guys at RGuns dot net. They sell barreled receivers. Not sure if they advertise it on their site, but call them up and ask. Dont ever wait for them to call you back, because they wont, just keep calling till you get some one who knows. :)

They are an importer, and I imagine when they pull get one with poop stock, they will sell the action. I dont think you will save much. It may almost be a better deal to get full rifle and sell off the stock on ebay. Just checked and surprisingly the wood stocks go for 30 bucks or more.


@urbsnspices: lol yeah, that's the problem is that a lot of people charge more than they're worth.. but I've also seen some decent deals 'em too though.

I may have to get another Mosin here soon .. love that thing, and I LOVE the cheap ammo.
The next one though is gonna get the "customization" treatment hehheh