dealssmall tricky opening magic wooden box with extra…


Sure wish they'd come up with a different one. This is fun for kids, but they've all got one. Need something new.


I actually bought two of these last time they were posted here. They both work, but one of them is so loose that anyone can just give it a hard shake and the opening will reveal itself. The novelty is probably not worth the price in this case...


@kaepora: You can put tape on the bottom and it goes back to normal, add as many layers as you want of clear scotch tape to make it as hard to open as you want


Hasn't this been on deals.woot about a dozen times already?!?


Got one for $1.99 from Meritline a while back, and while it is a cool little item, $3 seems more like the price you would expect to buy this for in a retail store. Also it is very small as the description says. The compartment to hold something is only about the size of a Bic lighter or an Eraser.

Still cool to have though, and takes most people a few minutes of trying before they figure out how to open it.


We still have books for a hide money and porn inside of them. This box can barely fit the money.