dealsbatman bluray trilogy: batman begind/the dark…


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This is a terrific deal!

Having said that, I have noticed that both AMZN and WBShop have, in the last couple of months, ever since the announcement of The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition (BD), at,
offered great sales on The Dark Knight Trilogy Limited-Edition Gift Set (BD). Just a quick FYI to those who may want to hold out for that upcoming set.


CAPS LOCK FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ordered advance copy of OZ, the great and powerful, from WBShop and did not receive the 3D Blu-ray until THREE WEEKS after the it was released in stores. Will never order from this shop again.


Whoa, this is a smoking deal. Although, for some reason, individual movies from this trilogy are always really affordable...I'm mean I paid 5 bucks for Dark Knight special edition in the batman mask plastic case. Anyone know why some movies are cheap, while others are, say like Argo or Revolutionary Road are relatively expensive?

I wish the third Batman was actually made into 2. It felt pretty rushed. And how about how easy it was to kill Bane? Any commentary on that?


Thanks thanks thanks, I was getting tired of the ~$43 price tag on Amazon, and was waiting for this deal for a while. N 4 1.


"The items in the cart do not yet meet the conditions of this coupon"


Same here: "The items in your cart do not yet meet the conditions of this coupon" Looks like the price may have been changed to $24.99 specifically to prevent the offer form working on this title. Bastards.


I can't get the coupon code to work with the bluray by itself.


It won't let me use the coupon code without something else in my cart because the total is only $24.99, is anyone else having this issue?