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Does anyone find it slightly odd that Nerf makes fake axes? What is this, 1500's England?


There's a whole line of Nerf melee weapons ... they've been out for awhile :\


Know your kids can beat the crap out of each other even more!!!


For when you start training your child to be an axe-wielding, maniac.


Nerf toys are actually extremely fun. The last time I played with them was at a club meeting at school. A teacher had nerf handguns laying around, and we had a 4-player free-for-all in her classroom. I felt like a kid again.


Zombie Tip #1- Swords/Axes don't reload.


I have a couple of the nerf swords that my friends and I love hitting each other with. Personally I thought the axes were a little too painful to be fun, whereas the swords are rounded on the edges and better for play fighting. If you're a parent, I'd recommend the swords unless if you know your kids wont get too out of control with these. It IS fun to have a variety.