dealsred, white, & blue sale: selected magazines…


I like how these aren't actual subscription but more like trials.

10 issues of Newsweek? Nyukka, please.


horrible deal. I got my subscription from tanga for $3.99. I'll pass.


This seems like a pretty crappy deal for at least two magazines:

3 whole issues of Taste of Home for $7.04 when Tanga had it on sale for 2 full years for $6.99.

For Popular Science, Tanga is only $4.99 for a year (12 issues), versus this "deal"'s $7.04 for half a year. Still available here, although I don't know that it's even worth the $5 because our first issue arrived and it's pretty meager in terms of content.


Where is the sale? This might deserve a -1.


At least for the 3 magazines pictured, I see them for $3.99/ yr regularly. And I've seen 1 yr subscriptions to Popular Science and Rolling Stone for free.

This is no deal.


Most of these aren't an entire year....lame, especially when Tanga et al routinely does one year or more at $5 per.


@pxb006: Where can you get Rolling Stone for free? I need to renew mine again before the end of the year. $4 is the cheapest I've been able to find it lately.