deals$5 amazon video credit for registering your ps3…


Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like you can't get this credit if your ps3 was already registered.


@yankeefan1087: I unregistered & reregistered, but I don't see the credit on my account. :(


Thanks for the post! Love the free credit!

I must say though that I think $3.99 for a new release rental is too expensive and purchasing movies at $14.99?! Forget about it! I think I'll stick with physical media until it's completely dead thank you. Redbox at $1.20 or $1.50 a pop is more like it, digital media should be easy to price that low, there's no discs to ship, stock, replace, etc!

I will give them props though for the rentals being 7-days. But still, how many people want to watch a rental over and over for a week?


Good catch, thanks for posting :)


Sad day for those of us thinking we were smart for going with the 360 over the PS3...


you can watch amazon on xbox as well


To give it a little comparison, the $3.99 movies on Amazon are usually $1-2 cheaper than Cable or Satellite VOD. They are fairly competitive compared to Vudo (Walmat's VOD service).



"But still, how many people want to watch a rental over and over for a week?"

I am guessing you don't have kids :)


@charlesp2009: Redbox business model works because most people forget to return movies, and then they get billed additional days. There is no logical way to enforce that in a digital format, hence higher prices.


Prime members, you get prime instant videos for free on your PS3!


Always wondered whether our sucky DSL could handle streaming HD movies. We ordered Mission Impossible 4 last night with our free $5 credit, found out that the DSL worked fine.


@bkreft: Sure there is: after X days, the customer can't watch what they "rented" so they have to pay to "rent" again.

Ah, the joys of DRM.