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Can anyone speak to the quality of the mixer?

Of course I drink enough coffee where that 12 cups will be all mine in a day... but the mixer. I'm a strange person, I love to bake, and a full standup mixer like that would be put to good use. Nothing says "bribe your coworkers at the office" quite like a made-from-scratch cake.


@figgers3036: I haven't owned a Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer, but I have had a couple of hand mixers. This stand mixer looks more like a "hand mixer on a stand" than a true stand mixer. In fact, the mixer part looks identical to my Hamilton Beach hand mixer.
This stand mixer would probably be fine for cakes, whipping cream and other things that don't have a thick batter/dough. You could probably use it for creaming butter and sugar for cookies, but I know my hand mixer bogs down making cookies once you start adding flour (my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer doesn't have that problem). So I would assume this would as well. That said, having any sort of stand for a hand mixer does save time, as you can let things mix while doing other things. And, if you don't need a heavy duty mixer, this would probably suit you just fine.


This four quart mixer is smaller than the Artisan KitchenAid mixer at 5 quarts (and also $200+). You may not be able to double any cookie recipes with this. This also has 275W of power vs. the KitchenAid 325W. This looks like a light to medium duty mixer. One step up from a hand mixer. I have a Hamilton Beach hand mixer and like it, it has lasted several years of light use. I use my KitchenAid for the majority of my baking.