dealsbrother sewing machine for $149.99 + free shipping


I just bought a similar machine a month ago. Tonight, I sewed through my finger. If you buy a new machine that you're not familiar with, please be extra-cautious for awhile. [Sigh]


I just clicked (4/29 6:11am UTC) and Sears is telling me $249.


NOTE: I have to put this in a few comments because of character limits.
OMG. I followed the link and went to the Brother Sewing Machine that was supposed to be on sale. It was listed at full price, so I went on chat. Wow, are they daft. Here is a copy and paste of that discussion.
Thank you for contacting the Blue Appliances Crew! My name is Victoria and it's my pleasure to help you today. May I have your name please?
Victoria: How may I assist you today?
jamey: your Brother Sewing machine as seen here is supposed to be a Woot deal for 149.99


Victoria: Good evening. It's nice to have you on this chat, Jamey.
jamey: here is the link for the woot deal
Victoria: I will be glad to help you with the price of Sewing machine, Jamey.
jamey: just need your website fixed so I can place my order
Victoria: To confirm; are you looking for the Brother Sewing Machine, priced at $249.99?
jamey: look at the woot link. your sale is supposed to be for 149.99. if you click the link in the woot deal, it takes you to that sewing machine you have listed for 249.99
Victoria: Thank you for confirming the item. That's a great choice.
Victoria: Please allow me a moment to check information for you, Jamey.
Victoria: Please allow me a moment to check the information. I’ll be right with you.


Victoria: While you are waiting, I would like to take a brief second to tell you about the great benefits you get with Shop Max.
Victoria: Please click here to go through our Shop Your Way Max program.
Victoria: If you find a lower online price (including any costs for shipping and handling, but not delivery) on an identical brand and model number currently available from a local competitor's retail store honoring its own online price and the item is currently available for sale and delivery in your area, Sears will match the price of the merchandise.
Victoria: I see that we won't Price Match with deals woot, Jamey.
jamey: The woot deal IS SEARS DEAL. Good heavens, take a second and look at the woot deal. The deal is for a SEARS product.
Victoria: I have checked with my resources and I am sorry to say that the current sale price for this item is $249.99.
Victoria: I'm sorry for any inconvenience this matter may have caused you.
Victoria: I apologize for the trouble this has caused you


Victoria: I am sorry for the advertisement. The current selling price is $249.99.
jamey: LOL, well, you might want to have someone that handles your marketing to pull the add from Woot. I seriously wonder if you actually understand that SEARS had to be the one to contact Woot for this add to be placed. Woot does not go out and pick a product and say it is on sale. SEARS had to make this contact.

Good grief, intelligence abounds. Someone at Sears had to contact Woot to do this. No wonder they are financially having problems. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.


@queenjava: You do realize that the deal was posted by a community member and not by Sears right? Odds are a deals.woot member saw the $149 price and posted it and it was later fixed by Sears before you clicked the link. Hate to tell you, but the sears employee isn't the only 'daft' one.


this sucks, i feel like i went to a birthday party and the fat kid ate all the cake before i got there. thanks...