dealsasus transformer pad infinity 10.1" 32gb for…


this is an awesome deal for an awesome tablet.
Currently have one and its has been amazing.
1080p display looks awesome, very bright, great colors
stock performance is decent, but if you unlock bootload and load Cromi custom rom, it will soar.
hdmi out works great
video playback is smooth
super thin
great wifi signal read
32 gig of memory
its only con is that it has very little ram, but it hasn't been a problem for me.


I have one as well, and am happy with it.
This tablet is root-able and unlockable under Ice Cream Sandwich only. If you're planning on using an alternate ROM, make sure you make the changes before taking any OTA updates.

Note that this has already received Android 4.2.1 from Asus, so it is well supported from the manufacturer.


I've got the ASUS TF101 and refuse to buy a new tablet until it dies.

It will be 2 years old in May. It's been used nearly every day and I haven't had any trouble with it.


I think there will be more sales on these Asus Transformer tablets. They are getting long in the tooth and better processors and screens are the new norm. I recently bought a TF300t with dock and leather case for a very low price. I expect the Tf700t to be the new "closeout" as Asus introduces new models....


i hate i ordered 2 different items from them - both misleading descriptions. I eventually returned the items (had to pay for shipping myself). I will NEVER shop from them again.