dealstop 20 tungsten rings of 2012 for $13.99 + freeā€¦


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Are these truly retailing for $200?


I just bought one of these types of rings, or at least strikingly similar (tungsten carbide, close designs), from a jewelers maybe 7-8 months ago and it was somewhere in the ball park of $275-$300.


Be prepared to receive the wrong ring. As I've told others, don't shop Tanga - poor customer service to boot.


I've been doing business with Tanga for a couple of years now and their customer service has generally been very good. Don't order from them if you're in a hurry, though.


@extraclassic: I'm 3 for 3 with Tanga rings; not a wrong one yet. I haven't had problems getting comics from them either. No company has a 100% track record.


I've had great experiences with Tanga. I placed an order for two rings and I ordered the wrong size at first so I contacted them about exchanging and I only had to pay return shipping. Got the right size a week later. Customer service was quick to respond to my request and refund my money when I returned the first ring. I'm not sure where people have gotten a bad image of Tanga from, but I like them.


Of course they don't sell for $200.

Jewelry is always like that. They jack up the price 100-300 %, then put it on "sale" for 50-80% off of that price. It seems criminal, especially when you consider a lot of people still buy jewelry when it's not "on sale". I'll bet the manufacturer makes them for $5-10. I'm at a manufacturing company and can tell you that the price you pay at a retailer is absurdly higher than the production cost.

Listing items with such a great "discount" is the only way to keep people buying their products. If customers feel like they're getting a great deal, they usually don't care that they're spending money they don't need to. If retailers actually were giving us such regular discounts on jewelry, they'd be losing money on every sale. You can't keep items on 80% discount of the MSRP and turn a profit.

Think about it this way - how many people have you known got a brand new car for 1/10th the MSRP? Wouldn't you be skeptical?


I have purchased 16 items over around 5 separate purchases with Tanga and have not had a single problem with any item or customer service interaction yet.


Just looked at mens wedding bands recently, these look similar to the one's the major retail stores are selling for yes, $199-$299.
There may be a negligible difference, but in reality, I don't care. Will be showing the misses later tonight.

Oh, and my 2 cents, my few purchases from Tanga are magazines and t-shirts, never once had an issue w/ the wrong item or terribly slow shipping.


Anyone know when this sale ends?