dealssubtil cologne for men by salvatore ferragamo for…


@catbertthegreat: Still trying to find the right fragrance for the Husband. I need to find something that is Jet Jockey meets Great White Hunter meets the Dos XX Most Interesting Man. Ah come on back, won't you?


@lavikinga: I did come back. Try this, find one of the Salvatore stores and they'll give you free samples.


@catbertthegreat: You busted me at my own gsme. I got bored one night and went around voting up every comment I could find on different "victims." It was fun to watch folks move around on the leaderboard and others ask why. Not so easy to play the game now that they've changed things up a bit.

And yes, I will look for this. Might have to wait until I go to Dallas. I live in a city with a small town attitude, even though we do have a football team.