dealsinstant video on your xbox 360 for $0.00


not a deal, but I upvoted anyway, until they make a for your news stories :)


You beat me to it. my dup was deleted, good find!


Does this require the XBox live Gold membership?


@jhorn: Yeah, just like netflix and the hulu plus. Another way for Microsoft to get more money out of you.


If nothing else. this should alleviate some of the whining on Amazon's forums.


I just tried it out, and the interface is nice, but I stopped paying for the xbox gold account. I'm unable to watch any of the shows. I just don't find that I use xbox gold enough to justify the cost, even when it is on sale.
Note: I have a pc hooked up to my tv so I can get amazon and netflix without the need for Gold. I'm not much of a gamer, so is there really any other reason for xbox live gold? I know this may not be the best place to ask, but I'd like to know if I'm missing anything as far as xbox live gold is concerned.


Interesting how you can only search prime tv shows and movies. You can see any movies you've already purchased in the My Library section. I guess Amazon had to make some concessions to Zune


not a deal. downvoted accordingly.


@jhorn: Not worth the price? If you get it for about $38 like most of us here do it comes down to $3.16 a month to get ESPN Video app and Online Gaming... I think it's worth it. Also voice control through Kinect is awesome, we use a lot more than we though we would.

We've had a Roku and we liked it but the 360 adds functionality that we think is valuable.


I didn't think this was a deal just judging by the post. But a free trial of Prime is definitly a good thing. Thanks for the post


Awesome! I just wish they would release an app for the iPhone/iPad for instant video!


@allenmn: I wish they would release it for Android.

And Wii.


Did anyone else experience issues with Amazon dropping last night? Wondering if it's my connection or just if the servers were slammed because people were trying it out. It worked quite perfectly (smoother and better quality than netflix) except for ten minutes when it dropped so much I let it rest for a while and then returned.


It's been a long time now but how does the selection of Amazon Prime movies and Netflix compare? I'm an avid shopper on Amazon and the 2 day shipping + movies for joining their Prime service is very appealing. I understand Primes selection of movies were somewhat lacking but this was years ago. Google searching Amazon vs. Netflix only reveals articles that were published a 2-3 years ago.

Amazon for $79/year (movies + 2 day shipping)
Netflix for $96/year ($8/12mos)

What say ye Wooters?



That article is about 6 months old now, but I found it very helpful. Seems like most articles/reviews complain about the interface of Amazon and lacking selection. But, Amazon is the cheapest option + 2 day shipping. I'm switching to amazon next holiday season.