dealsxbox live 12-month gold membership for $35.00


Been waiting to subscribe to this for HBO Go away from the cable box. Much better deal than the "list" price.


I love the picture. I always give a thumbs up to my TV. This looks like an ad from the 1950's.

On a more serious note, this is a very good deal, however, you may be able to find it closer to $30 with a little patience.


$35 is still too much for things i can do for free elsewhere.


FYI: You can stack your XBL membership. This will add 12 months to your existing expiration date, whatever that is. This is about as low as you are going to find it and (I have a feeling) with all the added content in the last year MS is going to be asking more. So, cough up the money and extened for another 12 months.


@triplebud: Free as in being down at least one day every week for "maintenance"? I think I will pay so I don't have to deal with that


sweet! I was needing to update my daughter's membership anyway. $35 is about the cheapest you ever see these since the prices went up...


@segafanalways: You must be talking about the Wii or something. PS3 doesn't have that problem. Maybe once every 2 months or so for a few hours. I'll gladly accept that over having to pay anything. And I own both systems so I can compare networks accurately and there is definitely no advantage for having to pay.


I wasn't charged anything when I bought it. Did this happen to anyone else? I also didn't see a receipt in my email.


Perfect timing! Been waiting for a deal to renew since getting Minecraft!

You "order" the free coupon discount code which will be sent to your email, then click the link in same email sending you to the amazon page for the $50/12month, click buy code, then on checkout page input the discount coupon code and BAM magic happens and the price is now $35/12 months. LIVE code then will come up and you choose to have it emailed/printed/gifted. Just a heads up that if you choose email or gift and the screen stays grayed out, DONT PANIC! grab your towel (just in case) and check your email or whatever. I hit refresh and tried again, but ended up sending it twice to my email accidentally. and no, it was NOT a different code each time. so no program exploits.

Great deal! thanks!


To be honest, if you make a silver account on XBL, they give you great deals on the dashboard if you can swallow having your CC on there.

I let my gold expire every time and its usually 2 months for $2. Turn off auto-renewal and save cash.


@wnyx585am: It's not a "thumb's up" he is giving it a karate chop. It's what all the cool kids are doing these days.


@vbwstripes: You get a voucher (should get an email from Amazon with a link to your vouchers). You then get that voucher code and use it to buy a membership on Amazon. They give you instructions.


@hodakaroadtoad: If both you and your daughter have an account, and maybe another family member or some friends, you may think about the 'family' account. It's what I did. You can have 4 XBox Live accounts with it. I, my son, daughter and sister/nephew have an account. My sister/nephew use theirs on the xbox at their house and my son uses his on mine and his. 3 different xboxes. It's 100$ a year.


@pacorocko: @pacorocko: I own all three systems and PSN is the only network that I see go down several times a month for around 13 hours during the middle of the day when people are trying to use it. They usually post it to there facebook/twitter accounts. Also the system updates that they put out fairly often a large and take much more time to download and install then on Xbox.

Here are just a few:
January 18 2012

February 1 2012

March 3 2012

April 15 2012

May 23 2012

I think your argument has been rendered invalid


Great deal - picked one up and stacked it on the 8 months I already have until I run out. Thank you!!


@mleejr: Yeah.. but it's just me and my daughter, so this is still cheaper for now. I only recently set her up with a gold account so we could play Minecraft on separate Xboxes. There were no deals at the time, so I ended up just getting a 3 month sub so that I could hunt for a better deal (like this). My gold expires in 2014. :)


@pacorocko: maybe some of that fee goes toward protecting their network so passwords and customer data don't get stolen so easily...


Sweet, mine expires next month so this arrived just in time.


@triplebud: I agree, I have an Xbox and this ridiculous yearly XBL fee is making me want to get a PS3.


@pacorocko: No but the PS3 network is so filled with problems i dont even want to go near it...


@morarc: let's say you pay full price. That's $60.. over 12 months that's what? $5 per month? Wow, that is just insanely priced. Now, if you pay $35, that's what? Under $3 per month? For the reliability, offerings and the much easier to use friend/communication/game connection system, it's well worth that.

And yes, I have Xbox, PS3, Wii, PS2, N64, and even a Sega Dreamcast hooked up, so I'm not a fanboy. I just get tired of the "it costs too much" arguments.


For some reason mine only came out to be 25$. There was already a 10$ discount applied before the gift code applied.


@alexniethe: You probably had a previous credit. Maybe from a game you purchased? I routinely get $10-$20 credits from game purchases on Amazon and they automatically apply to qualifying future purchases.


Xbox is outdated and charges you to do things you can do anywhere else for free. I also went through SEVEN Xbox 360's. Kinect? come on. LAME!

PS3 steals your info and online sucks. The servers are always down and no one cares about Blu-ray. Go waste your money buying $5 "deal" blu-rays for movies from 1960 and pretend your PS3 is a super computer. Sony can't even get remote play to work. Move? come on. LAME!!

Wii is a baby toy. go wave your arms around playing real tennis or bowling. you need to get your fat out of the house anyway. Mario Party? come on. LAME!!

I'll HDMI or remote connect my computer to my TV and get REAL 1080p to play all the games you all play plus more and be happy for not giving Microsoft ANY money.

Xbox, PS3 and Wii all suck [edit: flaming removed, stick to the product please]


@hodakaroadtoad: While I agree with you that truthfully it is not that much money, for some people even at that price it is not worth it to them. You say that you are tired of 'it costs too much' arguements, well the 'PSN is down more than XBL' and the 'XBL has never gotten hacked' comments are just as old and tiring. Every person has their preference, none is more right than the other. They are both great servies for what they offer, and both have their ups and downs. I too own all three of what we once dubbed 'next-gen consoles' and each one has their benefits and disadvantages.

XBL is great for its massive community and reliability
PSN is great for the free service and not having to convert purchase from dollars to points
Wii Network (does it have an official name?) is great for finding fun little niche games, and being able to play classics from the 64 and such

Some people (like myself) don't mind the down time for maintenance if the service is free, some do. To each their own.


This isn't a bad deal on XBL, though I find myself using my 360 less and less as time goes on. I've got my a computer hooked up to a TV, and browsing through services like hulu and amazon streaming is about a billion times easier when not using a controller. Heck, my PC doesn't have a fan that sounds like a jet engine, so it winds up being a much better experience using the PC, too.

I guess what bothers me about XBL now is I'm basically having to pay a monthly fee to play Dead Island once a week with my brother across the country. If only he'd come over to the PC master race we wouldn't have to deal with a monthly charge (and probably would have gotten the game for cheaper, too). =(


@triplebud: What is this computer thingy you are talking about. I didn't know you could play anything but solitaire on it. Get over yourself. I play on all of the current gen consoles and I have my computer hooked up to TV so I can play games on it. All of them have strengths and weaknesses. You being a "PC is better then anything else" makes you look like a tool.


@triplebud: I would honestly rather pay a fee to play a Rockstar game online then try to choke through a joke Rockstar PC port with the bloatware.

You are glossing over some of the downfalls of PCs.

Such as:

Not everything is uniform, so you can buy a game that may not work on your PC. This does not happen as long as you buy the correct formatted console game.

Some games end up being (profanity) ports with bad controls and gameplay that would be much better on the console (Rockstar, to be specific).

Bloatware including SECUROM and other games that require external software to run to ensure you paid for the game you are playing.

If a game wont play ANYTHING could be wrong from bad game programming, bad Windows settings, outdated drivers, to your computer may need to be restarted. If a game wont play on your 360, its either scratched disc, broken 360, or bad programming.

PC has its perks yes, but its not for everyone, and the PC also has subscription based MMO's, so they pay also.


Never any deals this good on Microsoft points... get on it people!


Worked for me. I'm good until 02/2014 now. :)


@triplebud: paid less for better hardware?

so what sub-$200 PC are you rocking scrabble on?


what the duece! i posted this at 1 am..
what now woot?, the deal was up & running!?


Just purchased this deal! I works and i already redeemed it on my XBox Live account


@trendkill7577: That's because they sucker you in with this deal so you buy games and DLC. It's like happy hour at a bar. They cut into their booze profits to make more money off food, which has a higher mark up.


@triplebud: You can play on Xbox Live for free? And it's on a different system completely? Please go on.


@pero69: If I could give a thousand +1's I would...


@ayjaygee: Yeah............ your last deal was posted a month ago, not at 1 am.


@captainsuperdawg: Actually, he had the original posted several hours before. Then there were 2 duplcates (which I and a few others tattled), but one is gone and this one lives on. @ayjaygee got screwed, seemingly because this one had more votes. Not cool.

And someone deleted all the "duplicate" comments in this deal. Also not cool.


@okham: it happens. deals get shuffled off by newer ones all the time.


@chronosquall14: Not the same thing. This was the same deal, listed 3 times, within a matter of hours, and the one that was posted in the middle (this one, later by several hours than the first) is the only one left.


Sweet! Worked like a charm...Thanks!


@okham @ayjaygee @captainsuperdawg @chronosquall14 I wasn't trying to steal. By the time I saw ayjaygee's post I couldn't simply delete my post. Also it seemed as though his was being over looked because the title was poorly formatted.

Maybe this one didn't get deleted becasue it got a lot of votes quickly but again it wasn't my intention to steal anyone's post. No need for everyone to get up in arms about it. Like people have said; sometimes it happens. It's happened to me and stick around long enough and it will happen to you. :) <- Cheerful smile, not gloating, not being sarcastic.


@mleejr Thanks for the info on the family membership! I'm definitely getting that next time!


This is kind of a very strange way to buy something, and if it were anybody other than Amazon I'd be nervous as crap about the rather convoluted way this purchase works, but apparently people have promised that it worked.


@jeremytheindian: I don't think you did anything wrong, and sorry if it came across that way; clearly, based on the downvotes I've received, it did. We've all posted duplicates that needed to be taken care of. I just take issue with how the mod/mods who handled this set of dupes dealt with it. As for the title formatting, that could have been easily corrected.

Anyhow, congrats on a good deal...It should get you community pick for today.


@wilfbrim: My guess is that Amazon is only doing it this way to a) promote its new-ish Amazon Local program and/or b) better control the number of purchases made to limit the deal to a certain number of people.


@vbwstripes: It's a voucher. You buy it later off the Amazonlocal site when you're ready. You just confirmed that you want the voucher for now.