deals$30 to spend on personalized m&m's for $15.00


About $20 a pound plus shipping (after discount) whether you choose 1, 2, or 5 pound bulk packages.


This was a big hit for mother's day. She's hesitant to eat them since she enjoys showing them off to people visiting her office!


As noted, it's pretty expensive at $20 per pound.

But they did have a smaller 7.5oz bag($15) you could get, and not feel like you were buying so much.. Great for a small gift to one person, but not for a bigger event...


Shipping is basically $9.99, so for $15 you can get a $20 order with free shipping. But the least expensive option I see under packaging is the glass candy bowl at $31.99 and that's only a pound. Or you an get a 2lb bag for $34.99. Or am I missing a 1lb in a bag option someplace? I am not seeing a way to spend under $45-50 for a pack of M&Ms plus shipping. That makes the coupon about 30% off.


I ordered. Pricey. But the way to send a message itself is priceless.

The website was horrible. For a while, I wondered whether it was a phishing attempt.

...and no comfort from a quick order confirmation email. Still have not received.

I wish they took Pay Pal. For the premium mymm's charges, I think they a little wiggle room for the Pay Pal fee.


Worked for us, site for voucher purchase went right to Amz to your sign in, then buy the voucher item, click on voucher button to get your code. It was there right away.

go back to you m&m item or start an order, when ready to do your pmnt change pull down from credit card to an voucher input. copy and past your #. Saved $15 thanks, Wo ot!