dealswine bottle umbrella – 3 styles to choose from…


I like this as a gift. Shipping is about $7. These are on Amazon for about $19 but no Prime shipping. But I don't know the company well enough to pick one up so I'll pass.


@jrhusc: I've purchased three or four things from them in the last few months. Not terribly high quality, but I felt I was getting a good value for the price I'd paid. Their delivery time was average, neither blindingly fast nor irritatingly slow.

I think this is the company I purchased a wine-bottle umbrella from several months ago. The price was about the same, and the umbrella is serviceable.


I bought several of these a while back thinking they'd make great gifts and they were junk. The wine bottle case is thin plastic, and falls apart, the bottom fell off after the first time I attempted to put the umbrella back in, the umbrella is really cheap, and small too. If someone would make this with a higher quality construction, I'd be all over it because I think the design is great.


I also bought a couple because they were cute novelties. They're worse than junk. Both fell apart just from rolling around on the floor of my cars. They're flimsy. Don't waste your money.


This would be perfect for Mardi Gras! Too bad it's already passed...


If you're that desperate for a cheap umbrella, go to a dollar store, which are probably a better quality than these. I purchased 2 a few years ago, opened one up, and promptly threw them both in the garbage. Absolute crap.


So, apparently $12.50 for a crappy little umbrella. Why all the upvotes?


Hi, PulseTV here! Just wanted to clear a few things up. Our shipping policy is based on your location away from our warehouse (located just south of Chicago) so everyone's calculated shipping will vary. Your S&H cost will also not increase as much if you add multiples, or other items. (For example, total shipping for one wine bottle could cost $4.94, but if you are ordering 2 bottles, then it's only $6.58 shipping)

Also we stand by all of our products, and have been selling these on and off for several months now, with little returns. But if anyone is unsatisfied in any way, we have a 60-day return policy outlined on our site :) Hope this helps!


@stonechiper: Thanks! Was considering it, you have convinced me that I do not need any more junk. I guess I'll head over to Kids and buy the monkeys


This is what makes this website so great! People sharing information and experiences about the products and, in some cases, suggestions about better ones.
I was about to order 2 or 3 to have on hand as cute little last minute or spur-of the moment gifts.
Thanks ya'll, for saving me money and disappointment! : )


@pulsetv: does that include FULL refund, including shipping with no "restocking fee", PLUS return shipping? How fast do you do refunds? If I were to return somethinbg today and you got it Friday, when would the credit show up on my statement?

PS--It appears from the postings here, people didn't return them--just trashed them.


@donslin: Hi There, here is the return policy we have posted on our website:

"When you shop with us, we want you to be completely satisfied. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 60-days for a replacement or a refund of your purchase price (less shipping and handling). There will be a 10% restocking fee for incomplete returns. All components and retail packaging must be returned as received. Refund checks are not available for gift returns."

So if the item arrived damaged, or defective in any way, our customer service staff evaluates each case, and will either send a new one or refund the entire cost. Refunds are issued as soon as we receive the item at our office.


@pulsetv: I'd say that's why you don't get many returns, not because of customer satisfaction.

It would end up costing you more than the original price if you deduct the original shipping & handling & a restocking fee and then add in return shipping. And then apparently maybe only a partial refund after that if you deem that the item is damaged--probably even if the reason for return is if it arrived damaged. Or, like someone said, it broke trying to open it.

It costs less to just cut your losses and toss it in the trash than to send it back and spend even more when what you'd get back wouldn't even cover return postage.

In other words, if your customer isn't satisfied with your cheap crap, you are making sure you aren't losing out on them, that it's the customer that loses. Thanks for the warni....uh, clarification.