dealssave up to 50% on 100+ items during the…


Unfortunately, standard ThinkGeek shipping rates apply.


You gotta admit, the light saber umbrella is pretty cool!


@cleverett: God d*it, I was hoping it was one of those free shipping days too -_-


@gmwhit: I didn't say it was a bargain, I just think it's really cool!


Most of the products on their website you can find elsewhere. They do a great job at consolidating geekery, but you pay for it in inflated prices and shipping rates. With a little searching, you can usually find it cheaper.


This sale is called a President's Day sale, but many of the same items were on sale during the Winter Sale. Thinkgeek is great for two things - ordering specialty items from a trusted and efficient seller (I ordered my N7 Elite hoodie from them because I knew they could get it out to me with no trouble), and scooping up lots of discount stuff in one purchase. Last week I got a random tee that was the same cost as freight, so I basically got free freight by taking a chance on a tee-shirt.


@btalarczyk: Wrong Harrison Ford movie

(It even says "Blade Runner Style LED Umbrella")


same crap at the same overpriced price, thinkgeek is fail


@embhorn: I stand corrected! Good catch! And impressive movie knowledge!