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Camry is addicted to plastic shopping bags. I have to hide them or she crawls in and occasionally gets tangled in them. I think it's a combination of the noise and the opportunity to hide in them. This looks like a much safer alternative!


CAT CRAP! Apparently, they just sold out while I was checking out at 1:30am EST.


My crazy cat loves the plastic shopping bags too, but for a totally different reason. This wacko kitty likes to chew the handles off the bags, always chokes on them and throws them up. So when at stores now, I always ask for paper..


My cat got a plastic shopping bag wrapped around her neck and kept running around our house in circles trying to out run it. No help from my husband who kept singing the theme song from "Wonder Woman" as I chased her trying to catch up.


@johnrocker: Wow! I nearly waited until today to order mine. Thank goodness I didn't sorry you missed it! I would recomment using plastic grocery bags instead, but after reading @doublebay's comment, um, not so much.