dealsthe icarus trilogy - kindle for $0.00 + free…


Alright good sir, I'm in. Looking forward to reading a "new to me" author.


@haggismacjedi: Glad to hear it. If it helps build your excitement, all three are in the top 10 for free sci-fi and is just shy of the Top 100 for all books. If it made it to the top 100, I'd consider that "making it" as an indie author.

Because of that, I went ahead and extended the deal for one more day, so for anybody who looks at the deal now, it's still active! That also means there will be less chances later on for the free books, so today would be the best time to grab them all :)

In all honesty, the first book is a little shaky, but the general consensus for the second book is that it's solid, even bestseller material. If you decide Murder of Crows is too amateur, consider reading the shelfari entry for that book and just starting with Phoenix Rising. Not to damper the excitement, but I figured some honesty would be appreciated.

Thank you for the the support and I hope you enjoy :)