dealswarhammer 40k: space marine for $8.18


good find

need more people in the multiplayer. the DLC available is nice but unnecessary

its one of the nicest communities played in too, lot less of the basement kids screaming hate


If I hadn't bought it for $10 two or three weeks ago now, I'd totally jump on this.

I just realized this is a physical game. I would've definitely preferred this..


@undermind9: Does that mean "we need more players to make the game more fun", or "I want fresh n00bs so I can bump my kill score." At this point in most multiplayer games a newbie has zero chance to live very long, and the experience will consist of "spawn, move, die, repeat". I always warn people away from CoD at this point for that reason. Unless there are noob only servers/games or a significant handicap, mp games are no fun for when playing against people who have been at it for months. Or years.


activates on steam. You won't even need the DVD, you can just put the cd key in steam.


Damn. I wish there'd be a sale on the collectors want that Purity Seal.