dealskeurig elite brewing system b40 - coffee machineā€¦


"All my item is New, Never used, It's will be come with New 100% and in a Box."

soooo..., I'm assuming it's new then? lol. Good deal if it's real.


@tayl428: LMAO! Told you it's a good deal but questionable. Wonder if this is shipping from the USA or the Slow Boat from China!


@mommyleah: I wondered the same thing. It DOES say "Only ships in contiguous USA", so I would tend to think it's already in the US. Prices are in USD, so maybe another good indication? I would take a chance on it if I didn't already have a machine.


2 recent good company reviews here:

more good reviews here at:

All pretty recent. YMMV, but I would be willing to try it.


This is currently 119 at Use coupon code LUV20AFF at checkout to save 20% bringing it down to $96. Tax will apply in most states but shipping is free and you know for sure you are getting it from a legitimate company.