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I bought one of these last time. A condition 4. It over heated after being on for 5mins. My sons were disappoint. So... I took it to gamestop and traded it in for a new one. (and lost $15 in the process)


@katanaryda: Cowboom has a no hassle return policy. Just click RMA and they pay shipping back to them any time in the first 30-days. You do not even need permission. These are pre-owned and problems might happen so it is EASY to return it. There is absolutely no reason to lose $15 if you just use the system.


@morriea: He's saying he lost $15 to gamestop because he took his used Wii to them and traded it in for another used Wii. Frankly I'm surprised he did that well with their terrible trade-in policies.

That said, you can often score a used Wii on your local craigslist for less than $50.


@lparsons42: I understood. I just wanted people to know that if you receive something that you do not want from Cowboom, it is easy to return it without any hassle. There is no reason to lose even a penny.