dealsthe wolverine (blu-ray combo pack) for $21.99…


What the hell, this isn't a deal, it's a preorder. Amazon shills.


I was impressed with this movie. Decided to go see it last night and was glad I did. There was a lot of good story told in the movie and of course the action was impressive. This is going in the collection for sure!


@jeefray: I here ya & its pretty sad... Tom Cruise I could see, he's well known to be an idiot jackass, but Hugh was a disappointment.


i don't care about what hugh jackman does in his spare time, but this movie isn't doing real well at the box office.


Who is this "Marcel" we're supposed to be fans of? Was there a mime in the movie?


I love how "shill" is the ultimate internet insult at the moment. Never heard the word so much in my entire life until the last year or so.


There's a Marcel Marceau cameo in the movie? Awesome! As soon as I can get out of this implausibly large invisible box, I'll go see it in the theater.