dealspower supplies & cases sale – save up to $80…


It's all Rosewill stuff... which isn't particularly bad stuff... but isn't the best stuff either. I am honestly waiting for an Antec 302 to go on sale because it's a really basic case with all the things you'd want in a good case.


Not really great deals unless you really want/need the 16gb flash drive.

The psu sales aren't great. 80+ gold and platinum rating is nice, but I wouldn't pay $100 for a 550w psu when I can get a 600w modular psu for $35 after MIR (edit: at the time of this writing) (and yes, that OCZ psu is just as high quality as these Rosewills)...

I really don't like Rosewill's budget cases ($50 and under). They all have either really poor, or non-existent cable management. The R5 and THOR V2 aren't bad options.


Frankly, Rosewill isn't the best choice if you're building a performance machine. I mean, it's great for a budget machine where you don't have to worry much about uneven power flow, but any power hungry system is going to want solid flow.


I am an Ultra fan now. Life time warranty. I think they paid shipping both ways to replace my PS.


@bmason3604: Aw, man, I JUST purchased a bunch of power supplies which were both more expensive and non-modular for some systems I plan on building. Where were you with that OCZ deal THEN, huh?


@caffeine_dude: Also a big Ultra fan. I have had my X3 1000w for 2 years and have had zero problems. Best cables and awesome customer service. I called them when i was having some issues i was blaming the PS for and they said to send it in and i would have a replacement in a week. Turns out i didnt need it. It was a bad connector on the mobo, which ASUS reluctantly replaced.


Anything Newegg gets an automatic upvote.


I have used different Rosewill components and been quite happy with them. However, Rosewill does supply a wide variety of equipment, from cables, to coolers & fans and more, some of it is built by outside companies and rebranded.

Generally I check the user comments on the items. It really is clear what is OK and what's not. Like I said, I have always been satisfied with my purchases and saved money.


Almost pulled the trigger on the THOR case, but going with the Coolermaster HAF 932 for the same price after $10 rebate.


Yeah I wouldn't buy a Rosewill as a serious machine. I have a cheap Rosewill case I paid $25 for because it's my media machine. It doesn't fit together but it does the job. But if I'm buying performance hardware, Rosewill is a pass. Rosewill is a brand you buy stuff knowing that it's not going to cost much and if it breaks you didn't pay much. That's the kind of brand it is. A free flashdrive isn't going to make me buy their stuff. At least not unless it's an $11 keyboard, bought 2 of those.


I built a mid-range gaming system with the Challenger case (QX9650 oc to 4.2, Foxconn X48 Blackops, and GTX 580 OC to 900), and it works great. Airflow is nice, even without adding extra case fans. I didn't have a problem with cable management, but I've only built a few machines, so maybe my expectations are less? I dunno.

The only real problem I had was that my CM 212 Plus is such a tight fit, that I can't put a fan on the top side of the 212, since it butts up against the top case fan.

Construction seems solid. It fits my needs perfectly, so how can I ask for anything more?