dealsozeri pro ii digital kitchen scale in elegant…


I don't get this April Fool's joke.

All the other products are real, so this one /has/ to be the joke.


NO FREE SHIPPING unless you add more stuff to your cart.


Checking the price history on camel camel camel this is pretty much the price it always was.Nice try.It has even been cheaper recently.


@zippy the pinhead: "If you don't have Prime I feel bad for you son; I got 99 problems, shipping ain't one."


@jemilam: You have to read the description. It says:

Just add this scale to your cart which is currently reduced to $19.95, head to checkout, and then enter promo code EATWELL3 to snag an additional 40% off the scale - bringing your final cost to only $11.97.


@dave17: Yes, it's been at $19.95 for several months. But has it had a 40% off coupon code bringing the price down to $11.97 for all of that time? Unfortunately, the Camel doesn't track those things. The coupon code, from what I've seen, has only been around for a couple of weeks.

Another thing that Camel doesn't track is shipping charges. So, yes, at one point some third-party seller had it for $14.26 for about a day. However, that could have been from a seller than charges $10 shipping. I really wish Camel would track that data, because it's right there on the Amazon page that they're collecting the pricing information from.


Just got mine... Not a bad deal at all for under $12! Just gotta make sure you put in the promo code at checkout before the price will reflect. These suckers are usually very expensive and the ratings for this particular scale on amazon were fantastic so i'm THRILLED :o) Thanks for the tip!